Information System Consultants

Web Based Development

We have studied the use of the Internet and how it can be used as a strategic marketing tool, or as an integrated communication and business system.

We have created web sites for many of our clients and offer development of web pages and sites for Internet or intranet use.

Internet sites can be designed, developed and implemented as static pages, or may be dynamic and use data-driven content from access to a database.
The design and production of your web pages is by no means the end of the story. No matter how excellent the design, it will be ineffective unless it is adequately publicised to your target audience.

After designing and producing the pages with your direct involvement, we provide guidance on attaining the widest possible visibility and awareness of your site by registering it with all of the best search engines, to ensure maximum coverage and availability.
As well as practical experience, we have good theoretical knowledge. John's MBA Dissertation was entitled "The Potential of the Internet as a Strategic Marketing Tool".

Pages can be as simple or as comprehensive as you like - whatever your requirements. Graphics and script effects can be included to give 'presence' to the page without distracting from the content or intended message.
We are pleased to be involved with several charities' web presence and offer a free service to them. Check out our Charities page for details.
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