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We provide Information Systems consultancy to help increase effectiveness and efficiency, especially in the key business processes of your organisation. Our services range from theoretical guidance to full involvement in developing and implementing systems.

As well as academic qualification, we have substantial experience and expertise in offering support in general business improvement, with specific expertise in managing information.
Most people are affected by change in their daily routines.  The introduction of new systems means substantial change is unavoidable.

By communicating well and introducing new features in a timely and organised manner, the adverse effects of change can be minimised and the beneficial effects highlighted.

Our approach is very much 'hands on': we deliver practical advice and usable solutions.
Information Systems have become a vital component of business life, influencing competitive advantage and organisational success for most world class organisations.  Optimum use of information systems and the issues involved in implementing them are critical to this success.
We can assist in developing internal business processes to be as streamlined as possible.  Using value chain analysis, we can identify the key areas for attention and concentrate on improving these, to maximise value.

We work with you and your employees to manage the changing environment, ensuring that new systems are implemented with as little disruption as possible.
The increasing pace of change appears to be the only constant in modern business environments.
The shrinking world and increased global competition means that organisations cannot stand still if they hope to survive and prosper.
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