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Information Systems

The role played by information in organisations has changed. In the past it was of secondary importance: its role was operational as it helped the organisation achieve its purpose, but few regarded it as a key resource.

Today information is an agenda item for managers at every level. Information technologies have been developed that allow organisations to acquire, store and communicate information in great volume and at speeds that no-one ever dreamed possible.
Information Systems have become a critical component of business life, influencing competitive advantage and organisational success for most world class organisations.

Optimum use of information systems and efficient implementation are essential to this success. Strategic Information Systems can change the way your business operates. They can create new products or open up new market opportunities.
The introduction of information systems are not without risk. Careful planning, project control, change management and risk management are all facets that need to be dealt with.

We will work with you and your staff to organise the system introduction, manage the change process and use risk managment to identify and reduce the risks as far as possible, to ensure a successful outcome.

We will analyse your data and information needs and capabilities, then recommend how these can be harnessed and used to best effect.

We can assist in designing information systems that will help you manage and utilise this key business resource.

Using benefits management techniques, we can identify how your business information can be managed to best effect, to create value and provide worthwhile benefits.
Information requirements analysis involves identifying who needs what information, where, when, how and why. It defines the objectives of the proposed system and contains a detailed description of the functions it must perform.

Gathering information requirements is an extremely difficult task, and faulty requirements analysis is a leading cause of systems failure and high systems development costs.
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